Founded on 18 November 1984, SHANGHAI FEILO ACOUSTICS is the first joint-stock listed company in China. In 2014, the company implemented a significant reorganization under the approval of the State Securities Regulatory Commission. As a result, SHANGHAI FEILO ACOUSTICS was acquired by three legal entities, namely Shanghai Yaming Lighting, Beijing Shenan Group, and Shanghai Sunlight Enterprise. Thanks to the nearly a century-long lighting experience of YAMING, the R&D and automotive expertise of SUNLIGHT ENTERPRISE, and the energy conservation efforts of SHENAN GROUP, SHANGAI FEILO ACOUSTICS has become one of the largest joint-stock companies in China. The company has 10 research and manufacturing bases on more than 800,000 m2 worldwide.

SHANGAI FEILO ACOUSTICS actively supports the global initiatives of energy conservation and endeavors to develop LED green lighting business built on the foundations of the traditional lighting industry. At the end of 2015, the company acquired 80% stake of Havells-Sylvania, a global light source and luminaire manufacturing company, and became the first and only Chinese manufacturer having factories in the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. In 2016, a new Hungarian manufacturing site will also be added.

The Beijing City Industrial Promotion Bureau recognized our LED solutions as a technological achievement. The Group is increasingly stronger on the capital market and strides towards globalization. Today, the company has branch companies in the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, France and Hungary, and serves more than 50 countries through its distributors.


In 2015, BEIJING SHENAN GROUP founded INESA EUROPA Kft, its European affiliate. Our products are sold under the brand name INESA, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. The Hungarian headquarter manages the European wholesale activity of INESA LED light sources and luminaires for industrial, commercial and household use. Starting from February 2016, the customer service is supported by a 15,000 m2 logistics center. By our lighting technology experts and collaborating partners, we provide comprehensive professional service to our Customers. The awareness of the INESA brand is fairly limited in Europe today, but our key goal is to become a world leader in manufacturing and distribution of light sources and luminaires by 2020.